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My writing career began on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air followed by The Jamie Foxx Show.  In 2005 my marketing talents from Morehouse College were called up to consult in the personal care industry, the same industry my father participated in as the co-founder of Pro-Line Company in 1970.  I choose to follow in my father’s footsteps and helped to author two new brands launching in 2017, and

Here’s how I got involved in the Adult coloring book industry, in September of 2016, a good friend, Gi’ana Garel, called me and told me all the about the therapeutic aspects of Adult coloring books.  I was interested and began researching the market, only to witness endless computer generated images filing up the majority of the coloring books on the market.

I discovered Maurice’s hummingbirds while looking for a birthday gift for my mother.  I told the manager I wanted to meet him and two weeks later we met in October of 2016.  I convinced Maurice to extend his collection into a five volume series, and he agreed to turn his beautifully colored Hummingbirds into black and white images also.  I became a fan of his work once again after learning that his technique of coloring puts you in a meditative state, I knew it was the right time to release these hidden masterpieces to the world.

Howard’s method of coloring using interlocking figure eights are named “The Infinity Stroke.”  This technique provides a unique approach to filling empty space, which quiets the mind, and sharpens concentration.  I’m proud to be the author and art director for all five volumes for Maurice Howard’s Hummingbirds collection.

Born in Waco, Texas, adventures began early for Maurice Howard, whose father’s career in the military allowed him the opportunity to travel through Europe.  While residing in France, Howard remembers the museums he visited and the lasting impression the art on his spirit.

At the age of 19, then residing in Southern California, Howard’s global exposure to art inspired his desire to paint, which led to the pursuit of a degree in art illustration from Cal State Fullerton College.

Howard brings a unique perspective to all his art, with over forty-five years of experience as an artist; Maurice’s career in illustration began at Hanna-Barbera Production Studio in the 1970’s.  Heavily influenced by African Cubism, Chinese art, and masters like Salvador Dali; Howard’s diverse style infuses several captivating themes in his Hummingbird• series.

Maurice’s complex shading and blending of colors breaks all the rules set by standardized coloring books, which is stay inside the lines.  “Life isn’t that way, it’s a complex integration of many colors blending together against the fabric of life,” was once quoted by Howard.  Within these pages we have provided you 21 beautifully colored Hummingbirds by Howard.  Witness a master of color and shading inspire you to stay inside the lines, but outside the box.